Class Descriptions

Yoga Class Styles

At The Spokane Yoga Shala, we believe there is not one path of yoga, we believe in finding joy in the practice to help you on YOUR path.

We offer a large variety of styles taught by experienced and certified instructors of each method. From complete beginners to seasoned practitioners looking to deepen their practice, our students love the choice a large yoga studio such as The Spokane Yoga Shala can give them.

 Navigating the world of yoga can be daunting and confusing at first! However diverse, all Hatha yoga styles are based on the practice of physical postures (also called poses, or asanas), and some styles also incorporate additional elements such as a heated room, breathing exercises (pranayama), meditation, or chanting/mantra. Each style emphasizes different postures, different ways of sequencing these postures, and different ways of combining these elements.

Adding to this diversity is the fact that each teacher will bring their own personal viewpoint, experience and knowledge to teaching the yoga style you will practice during their class.
We encourage students to try all the styles/classes and to practice as many as they like! Our body, mind and spirit need different movements to keep us healthy, to heal from pain and injury as well as to challenge our fitness, mental and spiritual health. We also believe in the power of yoga as an incredible tool for personal empowerment and transformation. We honor yoga as an ancient practice, from it’s lineage, and as an ever evolving art form and way of life. Most of all, we see yoga as a complete program for recovery and shifting from negative, self defeating patterns to enable you to be more effective on your path through life, to find your Sat Nam, your true self.

Life can be stressful. Not only can we can give you the tools to strengthen your positive power and vibration, but enable you to project it outwards into the world!


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  • A note to beginners:  While we offer a beginners course, if you are in pretty good health without major physical limitations, any class is fine to start with as all of our instructors offer modifications for beginners. We have a few classes that are great for new comers to yoga who might be a little reluctant to just jump into any class or may need some special attention for any existing conditions or injuries. These classes are Yin, Mindful Body, SomaFlow, Slow Flow with Breath and Hot Core. While some of these may be a more challenging workout, they are carefully instructed with alignment as a clear focus to guide any beginner. We accommodate all levels of yoga at The Shala. If you are still unsure as to what you should practice, please email


Beginners Yoga Course: now permanently on schedule, 10 class package for $99 or drop in on other packages. If you are completely new to yoga or a long time practitioner looking to review postures or stay with the fundamentals, this is a great class to be in! The environment is nurturing and supportive. You will never be pushed to do something you are not comfortable to do. Each class focuses around a peak posture to train the body mind connection to become familiar with the postures. 60 minutes

Intermediate Yoga: is for yogis who have practiced regularly for 10 weeks or more. Each class breaks down intermediate-level postures into their fundamental components to help perfect foundation and alignment, and find the perfect balance between stability and freedom. Classes fluctuate between hatha and flow, incorporating Iyengar-style precision with vinyasa movement. This class also incorporates yoga philosophy, mantra, more advanced pranayama, and meditation. 60 minutes


Kundalini Flow: Kundalini: Dormant energy that resides in the base of your spine. If you love yoga that focuses on breath, energy, chakras, mantra, and powerful body movement, you will love this class. This class is based on Kia Miller’s Radiant Body yoga system. You can expect Kriyas that were first taught by Yogi Bhajan to be supported by Hatha flow yoga. At the beginning of each class there is a Vinyasa Krama to prepare and ground the body for the Kriya.  Kriya means “action” There are many different Kriyas and each one has a specific focus or action. At the base of every Kriya’s intention is to aid the Kundalini energy to rise safely up the spine while focusing on the specific intent. Kriyas can focus on the chakras, glandular system, specific health focus and moving through blocks. Expect to detoxify, sweat, gain energy and personal power. Expect a sound bath in savasana (resting pose) with either a gong or Himalayan bowls. We are made of vibration and frequency and we also absorb so many frequencies from others and our environment, especially empathic peoples. This practice will give you the tools and power to emit your own frequencies consistently through the challenges of life and to accomplish what you are destined to do. This class is perfect for beginners and well seasoned practitioners alike. Everyone is encouraged to rest and go at their own pace. Some days we work hard, and some days we modify and rest more. Knowing that yoga practice is cumulative. The more you practice, the stronger you become, mentally physically, and spiritually. We work-out and we work-IN. 60-90 minutes.

Surya Sunday/Kundalini Flow: Subtle energetic focus on the classic Kundalini Surya Kriya, meaning inner sun. This is a deeply meditative practice with strong focus on the bandhas/muscular locks. We start with an energizing flow of Surya Namaskar A and B as well as standing postures to prepare the energy body for the Surya Kriya. When you have a lot of sun energy, you will not get cold, you are energetic, enthusiastic, expressive and more outgoing. This Kriya is the energy of purification, it makes weight management easier, and aids digestion. It makes the mind clear, analytic and action oriented. The exercises systematically stimulate the positive pranic force and the Kundalini energy itself. Include this into your regular yoga practice to build physical strength and increase the mental ability to multitask. 75 minutes

Hot Core 26 (Bikram): Prepare to sweat!  A meditative, core and spine strengthening sequence with static held postures. If you like to mix your meditation with strength building exercise, this may be a good fit for you. We practice the same postures (there is some variation) two times every class. This is a wonderful compliment to vinyasa and flow style yoga by relieving one from the practice of vinyasa and yoga push ups and instead uses isometric strengthening to open up and release the neck and shoulders.
Taught in the tradition of the Bikram/Ghosh lineage. Renewing, flushing and detoxifying every bodily system, you will feel refreshed and energized for your day! Traditionally this series has been taught at 105 degrees, the heat has been adjusted to 95-98 degrees (cooler in high heat summer) and the focus is more on alignment and creating your own body heat with breath rather than using artificial means such as super high heat. We believe this is much more healthy and sustainable for the body and mind in the long run. Don’t be afraid of the heat! This class is great for all levels, in fact we often recommend it to beginners as it creates a solid foundation in yoga. The postures are accessible to almost anyone. It is a progressive practice, the more you do it, the stronger you get. That being said, beginners are most welcome to rest as often as needed. In fact, it is encouraged to do so! Bring water, and if you tend to sweat more, bring a large towel like a yogitoe or beach towel to cover your mat. 60-90 minutes.

Hot Core Zen (Bikram): We will practice the Hot Core 26 to a great playlist while the instructor leads students through the series with minimal verbal cues, just enough to keep the rhythm of the practice so we can all move together. Intent is for meditation and group energy, we all practice together with our teacher! While prior experience with the lead series and instruction is recommended and helpful, it is not a requirement. If you have prior yoga experience, you will be fine, just pick up a few lead classes as you can, and grow your practice. Come move, groove, sweat and relax. Heated 95-98 degrees. 75 minutes

Ashtanga Mash-up: A mashup, in web development, is a web page, or app, that uses content from more than one source to create a single new service. In yoga, it’s a class developed by Buck Holland that draws from the different ways we learn and explore movement within the body. It unifies easy-to-do repetitive movements with poses found primarily in the Ashtanga sequences. It’s designed for students of all levels. Given that Ashtanga Mash-up meets at the end of the work day, its structure varies enough to keep students interested while not being so elaborate that intense focus is required. It’s about moving, breathing, and getting into one’s body. Heated 85-87 degrees.  75 minutes.

Baptiste Flow: Yoga, taught by Rhea Slichter has quickly become one of the most widely know and respected practices in America.  Designed by long time Power Yoga practitioner Baron Baptiste, this style of yoga combines elements of classical yoga, Ashtanga, Iyengar and Bikram yoga into a Power Vinyasa sequence called “Journey into Power.”  Baptiste Yoga is an all-level and accessible style of yoga with a set sequence of postures with variations for modifications, challenges, emphasis and themes.  It is perfect for those looking to combine physical fitness, (sculpting muscles, increasing vitality , flexibility and releasing tension) with intuitive spiritual self-discovery and moving meditation.  The classes are warmed to a comfortable and sometimes sweaty, 90 degrees.  The” Journey into Power” Baptiste sequence can be adapted from a 90 minute sequence, to a 75 minute class or 60 minute class called a “Hour of Power.”

Power Vinyasa Yoga: Is a combination of deep breathing and specifically sequenced sets of flowing postures with some powerful holds to sculpt the whole body.  There are all-level modifications and variations to fit all experience levels.  This yoga practice frequently creates a strong flexible body and a clear calm mind!

Flow: This class begins with opening exercises to prepare for practice, followed by a dynamic, flow style sequence for building heat, ending with finishing exercises to cool the nervous system leaving the body and mind feeling refreshed and awake. The room is usually heated to 85-88 degrees. Each instructor brings their own unique flair to their flow! 60-90 minutes

Mindful Body: “Where your mind goes, energy goes…”  Class format is based on body awareness, integrity of alignment, and impeccable action. Challenging use of basic and simple (but not simplistic) postures. Each well-rounded strengthening and stretching class will entail: Intention setting/chant, rehearsal warm up/arms, thighs, seat, abs and back (core) and a peak posture. Finishing with a classic “savasana”, final relaxation. Some use of props may include blankets, bolsters, blocks, straps and the wall.  Especially Suitable for beginners and those who might need a little slower pace. Although it is wonderful for all levels of practitioners, from beginning to “advanced.” There is a purpose to your practice…and it may not include putting your foot behind your head.  60 minutes.

Soma Flow:  Soma Flow taught by Stefani VanDeest, is a movement meditation blending Hanna somatic inspired movement sequences  designed to reset resting muscle length and calm the nervous system with traditional hatha yoga postures for strength and bone health in a slow mindful flow. Soundbath savasana with crystal bowls at the end of class for the ultimate healing relaxation. This class is suitable for all levels and a great place for beginners to start. 90 minutes.

Slow flow with Breath: Moving mindfully with your breath (pranayama) is a wholistic phenomenon.  When we follow the breath, our mind will be drawn into a meditative state of presence and equanimity.  In this one hour yoga class you will focus on and flow with rhythmic slow pranayama in an asana practice for 45 minutes.  This will be followed by restorative postures, savasana and seated meditation.  All-levels of experience are welcome.

Yin: Yin yoga is a slow restorative practice that targets the connective tissue in the body, otherwise known as fascia.  It draws us inward to our deepest place where nothing is forced.  This class is 90 minutes long and the postures are held from 2 to 8 minutes allowing the body to open organically.  Props are implemented to nurture the body’s natural release. Although the class is traditionally silent, various forms of meditation, visualizations and pranayama are woven in. Yin is a golden melting pot of support that is vital to all of us. This class is wonderful for all levels. 75-90 minutes.

Prenatal Yoga: Focuses on accessible postures and deep breathing with an emphasis on relaxation.
This includes lengthening and stretching the pelvic floor along with overall conditioning to prepare for the final birth process. This adaptive class is accessible for any level of experience to help you prepare for the birth of your baby. Instructor: As a mother of three, Aiko Terao has used Prenatal Yoga to facilitate natural child births with a midwife. Aiko has taught prenatal yoga for five years and is able to instruct the physical (asanas), offer an open Q&A time and promote a guided relaxation within an hour long class.
*Always consult your doctor or midwife prior to any exercise program if you are having a high risk pregnancy. Beginning Sundays October 29th, 5:30-6:30pm.