Chakra Activation Sound Bath with Himalyan Bowls

Participants will not only receive a sound healing bath with Himalayan singing bowls, but they will be prepared via certain exercises which according to the Tantric Yoga tradition of India, activate and harmonize their respective energy centers or chakras.

In recent years the singing bowls have been presented commercially under the still contentious idea that one note corresponds to one chakra, this experience as a reversal will emphasize the use of tested Yogic practices to prepare the energy centers and bring awareness to the energy system. The idea then is that these preparations will allow the harmonics of the bowls to more deeply influence the energy system and chakras.

This sound bath will be offered by Geoffrey Torkington who practiced and later taught chakra focused Yoga as disseminated by systems such as Agama and Hridaya Yoga between 2002-2011.

Friday, April 12th


Cost is $20

*all sales final, non-refundable & non-transferrable