Assisting Workshop

Hone your skillzz! October 29th, November 5th, 12th & 19th



(for Yoga Teachers)


Calling on all local Yoga Teachers.  Let’s come together to playfully explore “assisting” each other!  These workshop labs are open to all levels of teaching and assisting experience.  The intention of this Assisting Program is to grow our “being of service” to our yoga classes and community!  In this context, “Assisting” refers to the art, intuition and science of seeing each unique individual and body within a class–responding with cues, demo’s, prop’s, stabilizing touch or deeper hands on adjustments, as needed.

  • Develop community with other yoga teachers.
  • Share and explore our collective assisting experience together.
  • Provide honest feedback in response to being assisted, so we can learn together as we practice these skills.
  • Develop new assisting skills and possibilities!


Dates & Times:


Noon – 2:30 pm

October 29th, November 5th, 12th & 19th


$50.00 for one class

***each workshops builds on the previous, so if you can, try to attend all four




$175.00 for all 4 classes



***(Includes #16 CEC’s for Yoga Alliance, upon completion of all four workshops or 4 CEC’s for a single.)

This Assisting program is facilitated by Rhea Slichter.  She has 15+ years of assisting experience as a full time professional yoga instructor.  She is a 200 hr RYT and YACEP.  You will receive the CEC’s through her and Yoga Alliance.

What can you expect to learn?

1) Community Sharing:  Play, Meditations, Assisting improvisations.  For the first week or two, you will journal your questions and experiences.  The intention leading this workshop is to open space to experience assisting out of your comfort zone, so letting play and practice be our quides.  Gradually as we have laid foundations in workshop 1 & 2, we will add in more question and answer space.

2) Introduction and application of the “Seven Principles of Hands on Assisting” to guide each potential assisting opportunity or necessity:

Teach what you know; Ask permission to touch; Have clear Intention; Move with the breath; Honor Safe Biomechanics; Teach Essential Asana Elements; Support Stable Foundations.

3) Warm up your body and your hands.

4) Examine asanas from each family group and their potential assists in the body, from beginning to intermediate levels.  

5) Practice assisting a partner through these poses, receiving feedback and adjusting assists as you practice.

6) Find time to practice these assists- during the week with a partner or friend.

7) Group assisting each other as we build confidence and challenge each other to respond to different assisting needs!

Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to serve your students better and up your teaching skills!