Level 1 Immersion Himalayan Bowls

Learn the basics of playing these beautiful and subtle, handmade sound healing instruments.

Friday April 12th, Public Soundbath (Included in the workshop).

Saturday April 13th, 9am to 8pm

Sunday April 14th, 9:30 to 7:30pm

Saturday Part A
— Sound Bath with Introduction, “how to facilitate a Sound Bath”– Historical and Rare Information about Himalayan Singing Bowls– Basics on tapping and singing bowls; hand positions; mallets; informed listening, and more– Theoretical basics of the effects of sound on consciousness– Technique 1: Self massage with Himalayan Singing Bowl– Technique 2: Cleansing of energy field as a basic therapy technique– Technique 3: Two bowl rhythmic back massage– Applications of how to use singing bowls and the benefits of the bowls– Creating intervals with two singing bowls

Sunday Part B
— Water Harmonizing Ceremony with Singing Bowls and Voice– Advanced technical practices with singing bowls– How to choose bowls and make singing bowl sets– Binaural beats and singing bowls– Basic 1:1 therapy with a set of singing bowls.

The workshop is a very relaxing, healing and instructive experience. The amount of practice and sweet sounds allow the weekend to pass quickly. There will be a chance to purchase a bowl or group of bowls including a more common quality and rare sonic collector level instruments.

Early Bird price until March 22nd: $275, after March 22nd: $315

Deposit of $100 holds your spot.

Sound bath on Friday alone is $20.

*All sales final, non-refundable & non-transferrable.