How to Cool Your Inner Fire

In this Forrest Yoga and Ayurveda inspired workshop with Sarah Rusnak, we will focus on creating a sense of playful ease and surrender, on and off the mat.
A basic tenet of Ayurveda is “like increases like”. If too much pitta dosha (summer) accumulates in the body it can eventually result in symptoms related to the excess heat. Skin breakouts, cold sores, body aches and pains, irritability, impatience and displays of temper: these symptoms are more about out of balance pitta than they are about your character flaws. With a few intentional adjustments you can regain balance, and in the future, even prevent this from occurring in the first place!
The two hour asana session is suitable for all levels of ability and interest. We’ll bring awareness and opening to our back body with sidebends, forward folds and twists. You can expect classic Forrest yoga abdominal work and vinyasa sequencing but we’ll also spend time with cooling pranyama, meditative visualization and a few supported poses. This workshop offers a light introduction to the principles of Ayurveda through a mindful yoga practice. Plus, we’ll have a little arm balance play.
In the discussion portion of this workshop you’ll learn simple methods for reducing the pitta (heat) that has built up in your body over the summer and getting ahead of summer’s pitfalls next year. Gain a basic understanding for how to – change up your yoga practice, daily routines and food to create a shift in physiology & attitude that leads to inner coolness and grace.
Printed take home knowledge included! You’ll get a tip sheet with easy reference for counteracting the negative aspects of pitta out of balance.
Saturday, September 29
12:oo noon – 3:00 pm
Cost: $35
*All sales final and non transferrable. If you buy a ticket and cannot attend, you have the option to gift or sell it to another.