WORKSHOP: Transform Struggle into Expansion

Transform Struggle into Expansion.
How easy can I make this?
With Sarah Rusnak

Yoga poses offer us a metaphorical way to practice bringing ease to our challenges off the mat. Fear, worry, perfectionism, overwhelm and self critique are not inherently “bad” but when we struggle with the same mental patterns over and over again, we lose traction in our lives. You can use your yoga practice to playfully transform struggle into ease and opening. Do it first on the mat, then take it into your life.

Which poses provoke a sense of challenge but at the same time intrigue? These are great poses work with, they help us learn to test our limits in a methodical, focused, compassionate manner that is also sustainable and loving for our body. This is Yoga!

This Forrest Yoga practice will include inversions, hand balances and backbends – these are the poses that hit a sweet spot between intrigue and fear for a lot of people. Pose options will be provided for all levels, all that’s required is a desire to give it a go and a willingness to bring your brilliant attention to the party.

In our discussions before and after class Sarah will share some embodied methods for staying out of struggle and trusting the process when it comes to moving out of our comfort zones. When we set a clear intention for our yoga practice it becomes rich and infused with the ability to impact our mental, spiritual and physical being.

This workshop is all about expanding our ability to take a direct and compassionate approach towards our challenges, as well as the vulnerability and struggle that can come with the territory. Leave this class feeling stable, strong and open.

Saturday September 8, Noon – 3 PM.
2 hours of practice plus 30 minutes at the beginning and end for interactive learning.
Cost is $35

*all sales are final, no refunds. If you purchase and cannot attend, please gift or sell your ticket to another.