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New Classes, New Styles and New Deals…

or the full October schedule of yoga and Pilates classes click here, but read below for all of the details. Also please welcome Ara Lyman to the Yoga Shala (a longer introduction below). She will be taking over as the new owner and will be offering two new class styles. Ara would also like to extend a free class to anyone who has not taken class from her before – so come by soon!.

Her two classes described by Ara:

Strengthen, Stretch and Renew is a practice I developed incorporating elements of Kundalini, Baptiste Vinyasa and Bikram yoga along with careful alignment details. The name speaks for what I intend the practice to be, strengthening and stabilizing, hopefully bringing up a good sweat and detoxifying our bodily systems in order to renew our physical selves. Plus, it’s fun! In Kundalini yoga they say that if you sweat and laugh everyday you will be healthy and happy. That is what I hope this practice will give to you!
(Meets Wednesdays 9:30am and 5:30pm, Fridays at 6am, Saturdays at 9:30am)

HOT CORE 26 Hot Core 26 is based on the Bikram Ghosh lineage. I have practiced it 7 years and taught this sequence for 5. The sequence is incredibly stabilizing, strengthening, empowering spiritually and most everyone can do the postures. While I love what it has done for me, I have found that I want to have less heat and rigidity than how it is currently taught. While the room is still heated to around 85 degrees, I want to help you learn to create your own body heat using conscious breath and alignment in order to bring about a cleansing sweat. I will help you find any modifications necessary to make your yoga experience as healthy and healing as possible. I have been researching how it was originally taught and I am still learning myself, so it will be fun to evolve this practice as time goes on. I am excited to share this with you! (Meets: Mondays at 6am and 9:30am, and Fridays at 6am and 11:30am)

Other new offerings beginning this week are:

* Mindful Flow: A gentle flowy vinyasa class that incorporates mindfulness – offered by Karen on Fridays at 4pm.

▪ Flow with Julia 6am on Wednesdays (new class), Mindful Body with Katie at 9:30am on Fridays (changed time) and Mash-up with Buck at 8:30am on Saturdays (new class)

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Learn About Ara

New Yoga Shala Owner & Instructor

Ara found yoga in 2002 after experiencing painful tendonitus in her hamstrings. Yoga brought her almost immediate relief, and within a month of regular practice she knew yoga would always be a huge part of her life. She began practice as a student of Alison Rubin of Harmony Yoga. Alison’s teachings in the Iyengar style continue to influence her instuction, and adherance to precision. She has a passion for assisting her students in finding the most healthy way to access the practice, postures and breath according to their own unique physical make-up.

Ara loves to practice and teach many styles of yoga and is currently combining the Baptiste and Kundalini styles in her latest class “Strengthen, Sweat and Renew.” She has taught the Bikram/Ghosh Core 26 style for over 5 years and holds great respect for the grounding healing nature of that series while bringing in her own knowledge of alignment, energy flow and breath, to allow the greatest benefits to her students.

Ara has a 200hr certification through The Yoga School of Spokane, a 300 hour certification through Yarrow Hot Yoga and Wellness Studio and a private Baptiste training with Rhea Slichter. She is also an accomplished artist with an AFA from Spokane Falls community College. She is a mother of three beautiful boys.


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