200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Training

Are you looking for a yoga training that not

only prepares you to teach with confidence

but one that will enable you to teach a variety

of classes?

If so, this is the training for you!

200 hr RYT Yoga Teacher Training 2018

with Rhea

*about Rhea


***Power Vinyasa Yoga & introduction to Slow Flow & Yin Yoga***

Please read the training syllabus so you will know what to expect.



Practice teaching (to partners) the asana alignment with transitions, guiding the sequencing:

  • Study Yoga Philosophy, History and the Subtle Energies of Chakras & Mantras.
  • Learn and apply techniques (the Hatha Yoga Tools) for:   Pranayama, Vinyasa, Bandhas, Drishti, Vayus, Sthira/Sukha, Centering and Tapas.
  • Practice taking a stand as a teacher to become more comfortable with using your “voice” to express and share your values, experiences and insights.
  • Embody living a yogic lifestyle by participating in the “40 Days to Personal Revolution” program by Baron Baptiste.
  • Begin to build a foundation of readings and study into Yoga Anatomy.
  • Complete required weekly partner teaching sessions (on your own time) to improve teaching skills.
  • Inspire yourself to be able to teach the whole Power Vinyasa Yoga Sequence to your partners.



Begin to create and teach to your partners, an hour Power Vinyasa yoga class:

  • Add to the sequencing and cueing, “all-level” modifications and variations—beginners thru intermediate levels.
  • Continue Practice Teaching, to developing a clear, unique and expressive, teaching voice, presence and style!
  • Study and apply Yoga Anatomy for understanding applications for alignment and assisting.
  • Learn Assisting methodologies and develop how to “see” students to encourage needed changes in their body during asana practice.
  • Develop “themes” to add your teaching.  Using your personal journaling and other sources, begin adding inspiration for others–through sharing your authentic values, experiences, and quotes—into your teaching dialogue.
  • Complete required weekly partner teaching and assisting sessions (on your own time) to improve these skills.
  • Inspire yourself to be able to teach a hour, all level, Power Vinyasa Yoga sequence, to your partners.  Challenge and grow your ability to practice assisting at the same time!



Practice preparing and including themes into your teaching:

  • Learn the principles of sequencing, the foundations of selecting asanas and arranging them into sequences that are well thought out and planned.
  • Examine how applied yoga anatomy relates to the selection of asanas.  We will research “family asana” sequencing and using other information sources to illustrate the relationships between asana and sequence choices.
  • Study, practice and partner teach YIN & SLOW FLOW Yoga.  The intention is to be able to understand the foundations of these styles to form your own classes.


Complete three final projects for successful completion of the training:

  1. Several groups of trainees will work together, to select a specific sequence with a specific emphasis (shoulder or hip opening, inversions or heart openers). Illustrate the components of the sequence.  Explore which grouping of asanas belongs to which component.  Analyze why they are selected in a particular order by researching anatomy and using provided indexes to support this analysis.  Each group will present their finished results to the class.


  1. Write a 2 – 4 page paper defining your yoga business.  Explore and write about your own personal mission statement.  Examine what your own unique yoga and life experiences are and how they relate to inspiring others.  Discover what your style and personal themes are.  Develop a personal brand or specialty.  Elaborate on your yoga business development to present to the yoga community:  a) How can you share your business?  b) What are possible platforms for advertising and pursuing teaching possibilities?


  1. Teach a one hour power vinyasa or (slow flow influenced) power vinyasa yoga class to the group.  Choose a two or three step theme structure and interweave theses themes within the sequence as you teach.  Select peak poses and their supporting pathways and integrating asanas to emphasize and reinforce these “themes”.  As you teach, integrate everything up to this point:  Essential cueing; speaking to inspiration and themes; Assisting the class; pacing and timing the class to fit into an hour; and integrating the “Hatha Tools”!

It is my Intention for this training for you to engage in

teaching yoga with a

professional quality.  

You will be able to:

  • Interweave themes in your dialogue with classes and workshops.
  • Practice being present as you teach–creating authentic dialogue and assisting (cueing, demo’s & hands on).
  • Incorporate Yoga philosophy and the Hatha Tools (pranayama, bandhas, drishti, prana vayus, sushumna/centerline, vinyasa, tapas, chakras and mudras) into your teaching.
  • Create intelligent (anatomy wise) sequencing choices and variations.
  • Continue to grow your personal yoga practice and lifestyle.


Saturday’s 11:30am – 4pm

Tuesday’s 5:30 – 8:30pm

Exceptions to & additional Labs:

Saturday’s April 14, 21st & 27th:  10am – 2:30pm

Sunday’s:  May 5th & 13th: 4:30 – 8:30pm, May 20th & 27th: 2 – 5 pm

TUITION $2,600.00

Includes all contact hours in labs and lectures, copy/print materials and one

yoga class with Rhea/week.  Additional yoga classes are discounted 50% for

participants during the training.  Does not include cost of textbooks.

*A six-month auto pay option for tuition is offered at $483.00 per month.


The majority of my graduates are now teaching yoga!  You can too follow your

dreams and have yoga be the platform of blessed change within yourself and

the world around you.  Teaching yoga is how we share what we love and care



Grads 2015

Grads 2017




  • I would like to get to know you!  Please email me a description of your job history, hobbies and yoga practice over the last few years? Describe where you have practiced yoga and the frequency/duration of your attendance, styles of yoga, teachers, and the location/names of the studio.
  • This description doesn’t need to be or look professional, please just write it down and send it to me!
  • Be sure to include all of your contact information, phone, email and your home address.
  • Please apply in the form below, or bring a copy to the front desk of The Spokane Yoga Shala