108 Sun Salutations w/Afiea

Are you over the New Years hangover?

Are you ready to make a positive change in your life, or start a new


108 Sun salutations or Surya Namaskar is a traditional moving

meditation for celebrating a life event or to enact a new intention.


May this event spark your intentions for this new year.


We move together and rest together in a wonderful gong meditation sound bath for


the final resting pose. The powerful vibrations of the gong allow for subconscious


healing and intentional setting of your purpose.


Afiea will handmake a crystal pendant necklace to magnify this experience as a gift


for every person who attends.

Delicious tea and cookies will be served as well.


Cost $25


@ The Spokane Yoga Shala


Please click the ticket link to register for this fantastic event.


 You can also come into the studio when open and purchase, or call 509-838-0545 or

email spokaneyogashala@gmail.com to set up a payment if you prefer not to do it



This event welcomes all levels.

Please only bring children who are old enough and happily willing to participate in a

guided 90 minute exercise.

The room will be heated to the mid 80’s so be prepared to sweat. 🙂